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Lifehouse – Testimonial

At Lifehouse, we provide residential support for people with developmental disabilities. Autismity helps us tremendously to onboard new employees.

We give them a VR headset and show them how they would perceive having a coffee in a local coffee shop. Then the new staff experience the same situation the way a person with autism might experience. Our staff all work with multiple people we support, so the autism simulator gives a perfect idea of what the supported people might experience in such an outing and why they might start to behave in a certain way. Autismity is a great starting point for discussing different strategies what to do in such situations

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As a result, we have experienced an increase in interest in our counseling services and therapies. This new technology attracted young volunteers, mostly students. We prepare them now for their future work with people on the spectrum while using the simulator as part of their training Autismity is a great help when it comes to communication with the non-autistic community We feel that city mayor, local authorities judges teachers, and many others understand our needs better and their attitude has improved

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