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About the product

Experience the world of autism via the first Autism Simulator in virtual reality.

The Autism Simulator is designed for educational institutions, organizations, medical and therapeutic professionals, companies, family members, or simply anyone who wants to understand autism.

The Autism Simulator invites you into the sensory world of an autistic individual. Through a virtual reality headset, you’ll experience with full intensity how hypersensitivity, sensory overload, and synesthesia feel.

The ability to experience sounds, lights, patterns, and disturbing elements, as autistic individuals do, shapes the revealing insight into their daily experiences.

We believe the Simulator will create more understanding, empathy, and respect in the world.


Coffee shop:

You will recognize feelings experienced by a person with autism in a coffee shop. Firstly, you will perceive the environment as a “normal” person. Then the simulation turns into autism. The difference will be apparent.


In this simulation, you will experience a typical day at school as an autistic person. Stimuli such as trampling feet, tweeting birds outside the window or strong sunlight enormously distract you while the teacher is speaking. It becomes very difficult for you to pay attention.


In the last simulation, you are a person with autism waiting for a tram. While a person without autism might not be disturbed by the stimuli like ticking traffic lights or a dog bark, the autistic person is distracted by them enormously.

Hardware requirements

Oculus Rift (S) + VR PC
Oculus Go
  • Watch 360° videos of the simulations.
  • Enjoy quick and simple setup. It is easy to take with you (no computer is necessary).

Please note that we do not sell and ship hardware.

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About Us

Who We Are

Autismity is a division of SPOSA - a non-governmental organization based in Slovakia. SPOSA brings together families with an autistic member. Its goal is to improve the quality of life of individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as that of their families. SPOSA was established in 1994, and it has a national reach with its 24 branches throughout the country. It is a full member of the Autism-Europe organization based in Brussels.

In Autismity, we strive, on the international level, to improve the quality of life of communities with an autistic member. We are a team of young people living this mission on a daily basis, some of us having a brother or sister with this condition. We believe that The Autism Simulator will create more understanding in communities around the world. We are going to use the proceeds to build new tools that will bring us closer to achieving our mission.


There is a diversity in life.
We believe all people deserve to live to their fullest, to explore their full potential.
All of them – healthy ones, sick ones, people with conditions, autistic individuals – are part of communities. Inclusion is what enables communities to grow, and their individuals to grow.

We believe in opportunities that are accessible, to help people succeed in life.
Enabling inclusion and creating opportunities for autistic individuals is why we are here.
We know they might face difficulties. They might be considered as less sociable. They could behave repetitively, and time management might not be their strength.
We see them differently. They see patterns when others do not. Their eagle eyes can spot the difference which might be invisible to others. One can be surprised by their honesty, and amazed by their terrific memories.

It’s a matter of understanding, and it all starts with awareness.
Welcome to the world of autism.
Listen and feel. Watch and learn. See and understand.
Shape your own understanding of autism. Let your empathy blossom.

Imagine how you could enable people with autism to use their gifts to the best of their ability. At school, at work, at sports… in any community!
Improve your reality with Autismity.



"At Lifehouse, we provide residential support for people with developmental disabilities. Autismity helps us tremendously to onboard new employees. We give them a VR headset and show them how they would perceive having a coffee in a local coffee shop. Then the new staff experience the same situation the way a person with autism might experience. Our staff all work with multiple people we support, so the autism simulator gives a perfect idea of what the supported people might experience in such an outing and why they might start to behave in a certain way. Autismity is a great starting point for discussing different strategies what to do in such situations"
Lifehouse, Inc.
San Rafael, California
"As a medical assessor, I often face the question of how to compensate for the social consequences of clients with Autism Spectrum disorder. It is not simple. The individuality of autism is exceptional. Each one of them is unique in her manifestations, perception of the outside world, or communication skills. Even though I operate with the findings of specialists, the idea of perception of the world is complicated. That’s why I welcomed the opportunity to dip into the perception of my clients via the autism simulator in virtual reality. The information I received in simulations was surprising, even shocking. I can frankly say that this experience has significantly changed the way how I assess dependency on different compensations of social implications connected to autism. My colleagues, medical assessors, have confirmed it as well. I am grateful to all the creators of this program."
MUDr. Juraj Vivoda, MPH
Medical Assessor
"We are a regional parental NGO and a member of SPOSA network. The Autism Simulator drew attention to our activities. As a result, we have experienced an increase in interest in our counseling services and therapies. This new technology attracted young volunteers, mostly students. We prepare them now for their future work with people on the spectrum while using the simulator as part of their training. Autismity is a great help when it comes to communication with the non-autistic community. We feel that city mayor, local authorities, judges, teachers, and many others understand our needs better and their attitude has improved."
Maria Helexova
SPOSA - Banska Bystrica, Slovakia