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Autismity - The Autism Simulator

Experience the world of autism in virtual reality

Why you need an autism Simulator?

the spectrum

Experience the diverse and unique challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum, fostering empathy and awareness.


Step into the shoes of someone with autism, promoting a more inclusive society by breaking down barriers and encouraging acceptance.

Educating future professionals

Provide aspiring professionals with invaluable insights and hands-on experience to better support and serve individuals with autism.

Improving work

Enhance workplace productivity and communication by offering employees a chance to develop a deeper understanding of their autistic colleagues' perspectives and strengths.

Autismity helps you and your audience to experience the sensory aspects of autism yourself.

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About Autismity

Autismity is a division of SPOSA – a non-governmental organization based in Slovakia. SPOSA brings together families with an autistic member. Its goal is to improve the quality of life of individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as that of their families. SPOSA was established in 1994, and it has a national reach with its 24 branches throughout the country. It is a full member of the Autism-Europe organization based in Brussels.

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