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Kaufland Slovakia – Testimonial

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to try the autism simulator ‘on my own skin’.

I was exposed to the theory of autism during college, but I could never fully empathize with what it was really like to hear sounds and see the world through their eyes. Thanks to the simulator, I had the opportunity to get closer to their perception of reality, at least for a while. It was really an experience, although I had respect for all of it “.

As part of its corporate responsibility, Kaufland Slovakia offers opportunities to autistic people, employing them in various positions. 

Through our Autism Simulator, they have a unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of autistic people and experience their senses firsthand. 

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We give them a VR headset and show them how they would perceive having a coffee in a local coffee shop. Then the new staff experience the same situation the way a person with autism might experience. Our staff all work with multiple people we support, so the autism simulator gives a perfect idea of what the supported people might experience in such an outing and why they might start to behave in a certain way. Autismity is a great starting point for discussing different strategies what to do in such situations

The individuality of autism is exceptional. Each one of them is unique in her manifestations. perception of the outside world, or communication skills. Even though I operate with the findings of specialists, the idea of perception of the world is complicated. That’s why I welcomed the opportunity to dip into the perception of my clients via the autism simulator in virtual reality. The information I received in simulations was surprising. even shocking. I can frankly say that this experience has significantly changed the way how I assess dependency on different compensations of social implications connected to autism. My colleagues, medical assessors, have confirmed it as well. I am grateful to all the creators of this program.

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