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About the Simulator

Experience the world of autism via the first Autism Simulator in virtual reality.

The Autism Simulator is designed for educational institutions, organizations, medical and therapeutic professionals, companies, family members, or simply anyone who wants to understand autism.

The Autism Simulator invites you into the sensory world of an autistic individual. Through a virtual reality headset, you’ll fully experience how hypersensitivity, sensory overload, and synesthesia feel.

The ability to experience sounds, lights, patterns, and disturbing elements, as autistic individuals do, shapes the revealing insight into their daily experiences.

We believe the Simulator will create more understanding, empathy, and respect in the world.


Coffee shop

You will recognize feelings experienced by a person with autism in a coffee shop. Firstly, you will perceive the environment as a “normal” person. Then the simulation turns into autism. The difference will be apparent.


In this simulation, you will experience a typical day at school as an autistic person. Stimuli such as trampling feet, tweeting birds outside the window or strong sunlight enormously distract you while the teacher is speaking. It becomes very difficult for you to pay attention.


In the last simulation, you are a person with autism waiting for a tram. While a person without autism might not be disturbed by the stimuli like ticking traffic lights or a dog bark, the autistic person is distracted by them enormously.

Hardware requirements

(Option 1)

Meta Quest (2) + VR PC

  • Autismity software combined with Meta* Quest (2) and VR PC delivers the best experience – highly immersive and interactive. 
  • Please note that you always have to connect your Quest to a PC in order to run Autismity

      *former Oculus

(Option 2)

Oculus Devices

  • It is still possible to use Autismity on the Oculus Rift (S) or the Oculus Go which production was discontinued.        

Please note that we do not sell and ship hardware.    


It’s simple. All you need is the Autismity app, a Meta VR headset, a computer (see hardware requirements above), a connection to the Internet, a table, and a chair.

You can check computer requirements on this link. You can purchase the Meta Quest VR headset on the official website or at your local electronics store.

Please see our pricing information.

The ideal number of headsets used depends on the size of your audience. Each simulation is approximately 2 minutes long and you can allow your user to watch 1, 2, or 3 simulations. For example, if you are a university professor having 20 students, they will be able to watch all simulations on 4 stations in 30 minutes. Feel free to contact us for tips on how to deliver the best experience to various audiences.

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