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Custom pricing
We at Autismity provide custom licenses because everybody’s need is different. Someone wants to use the Simulator at her event, and somebody else uses it on a regular basis. Fill out the form below so we better understand your needs and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

One-off event

If you are organizing a one-day event, for example, an anniversary or an open-door event at your organization , a one-off license is an ideal choice for you.

We will help you to get the most out of your event by sharing useful information on how to set up Autismity in your environment for maximum engagement. You will also get a trial in advance – you don’t want to run into technical difficulties during your big day, right?

Short term usage

1 week – 30 days.

If you are for example celebrating a diversity week at your company and you are running activities for multiple days, then the Short term license will fit you the best. You will get the same benefits as with the One-off license but for multiple days of action.

Long term usage

30 days+ (even years).

You know you will need the simulations again and again? For example, it is part of your training or education that you provide. Then of course the Long term will fit your needs the best. The longer license you need the cheaper it becomes.

We are able to provide a free trial before the purchase.

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